Name, first nameFedericoYear of birth1994UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectCounter-Burst, Investigations on typo-graphic printed mediumAbstractThe famous sentence of the media researcher Marshall McLuhan that “all media are extensions of some human faculty— psychic or physical”, put a solid basement for interesting mixing point between sociology, anthropology, graphic and typo-graphic design because it is underlining a very strict relationship of humans with their communication capabilities. The amazing process that transform every tools or medium in another part of us is an event that allow us to experiment it an any different forms.
Do you know where your body is? Have you ever seen your self from outside? Where are you now, while you are reading this book? Where are your hands, eyes and your nervous system? How your words are figuring out on a printed surface?
In this specific essay the aim is to analyze the typography as extension of the languages as visual experimentations and how it is mixing with the printed space. the result is often between the body and print, the voice and paper and those relationships made a great graphic and typographic experimentations. After an introduction on the media as extensions of the body, the research is focus on understand how the use of typography become a voices and visual extensions in printed pages. From the Vorticist’s “Blast” magazine, to the McLuhan’s “Counterblast”. From the “Explorations” pages to the punk approach. The last part of the research offers a possible new terminology as an answer to the item. A new “mash-up” words will become a support to describe this physical and virtual bridge.
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Counter-Burst, Investigations on typo-graphic printed medium