Dear students of Swiss master programmes in design,
Dear professors, lecturers and academic staff 

We are looking forward welcoming you to Basel for the seventh annual Junior Design Research Conference (JRC) from 16 to 17 November 2016.

The seventh edition of the JRC is, at the same time, the beginning of a second round. The first conference of this type back in 2010 also took place in Basel and at that time still in the context of the yearly conference of the Swiss Design Networks. In the meantime, the JRC has developed their own format and all Swiss Design Master Study Courses have hosted the JRC.

The development of the Master Studies Courses dates back 10 years ago. The, at the time, responsible Swiss Federal Agency, issued the policy of a close co-ordination of the study programs. It has, however, shown that every Institute wanted to develop their own unique selling point (USP) and because of that, there was no room or sense for a close co-operation. Therefore, it is all the more valuable that the Format of the JDRC can and could be formulated. The annual exchange that is produced and carried out by the students is extremely valuable.

All the Master Degree programs have their own specific curriculum and also offer design research differences and variety to the Master Studies Course. The JRC offers the participants an overview into all the aspects of diversities and choices, thus., personal views can be reinforced or doubted. This makes the JRC so valuable.

Also in Basel, the program will follow this tradition that in the morning every participating Institute will provide two presentations introducing research related or completed projects. The works presented in the morning will be discussed in depth in workshops during the afternoon.

The Basel School of Design FHNW in Basel looks very much forward to receiving and greeting the Design Students of Switzerland at the Campus in Dreispitz.

For this year’s JRC at the Campus of the Arts Basel we will organize a preconference on Wednesday the 16th of November 2016 in the afternoon. The preconference consists of a series of presentations given by government agencies or private initiatives supporting design related project-initiatives. The Master Students of the Swiss Design Universities are potential applicants for scholarships supporting research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The event will give an overview of the various possibilities to apply for funding of self-initiated design projects in Switzerland and provides the unique opportunity to meet representatives of funding agencies and initiatives.

The second day starts with presentations of selected on-going or recently-finished research projects from all master students. In the afternoon the lecturers invite all guests to participate in a workshop, and to gain deeper insights into the morning lecture topics.