Name, first nameMilesi, BaptisteYear of birth31.0UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectLieu communAbstractInteractive comics are bringing a new style to the narration of the 9th art. My work of master essentially revolves around showing the role of the reader in the narration.

My principal interest in this new dimension, is what the internet medium adds to ergonomics and the navigation of our digital world. Using the computer screen as a window on to the world instead of being limited by the physical dimensions of a page of paper.

With the advent of multi-touch display, the increase of programation such as javascript, html5, and augmented reality ; all of these means of communication open us to many possibilities of interaction with the reader.

The possibilities of narration bring us to different technical means such as sound, motion, network, etc.

As a multimedia designer, I want to use internet to create a more advanced interaction with the reader, but still keeping the classical features of comics.
TutorsAnnelore Schneider, Douglas Edric Stanley