Name, first nameDaniele BortottoYear of birth1988UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectShould Mary Smell Like Biscuit? Scents in Product DesignAbstractThe scent of an object is an interesting characteristic with influences how we relate to it: the ability to smell an object, an environment, and perceive them through their fragrance.

The spirit of sensing a place or an object by first smelling it is an unconscious psychological mechanism.
In particular the materials with the objects with surround us are made of can evoke extremely large emotions through their smell.

But a "smell experience" is still something hard for our mind to compute, and is considered less significant than a visual or tactile experience. People are not educated in it. According to Paola Antonelli, design critic and director of Moma of New York, "designers should be aware of the spatial and perceptive potential of scent, and performers should realize that they are engaged in design and take advantage of that knowledge".

It seems that all of the categories and critical tools we normally apply to design can also be applied to scent, and even the work of a perfumer now could be correlate to the working process of a designer; it is in some ways the same kind of process, and scent can be considered just another kind of material in a designer's hand.

This is the starting point of my research: what I would like to do is investigate whether scent can help us function better in the way that good design does, and if we can evolve the utility of scent beyond decoration.

Scent can play a more emotional, expressive, and even functional role in our everyday lives. The possibilities are endless and the goal of my memoire is to explore the key role it can play.
TutorsAnniina Koivu W/Brynjar Sigurdarson
Should Mary Smell Like Biscuit? Scents in Product Design