Name, first nameBaudillon NicolasYear of birth1985UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectVOX PLATEISAbstractI started my reflection by observing that public space is largely exploited by a commercial culture, aiming at financial profit. Most of the images and texts we are confronted with in urban spaces are promotion for a consumption society.
I wondered what kind of space was left for the citizens, in such an environment. It seems obvious that the citizen is reduced to be a potential consumer. What we see does not lead us to profound reflections and thinking! When we are supposed to react differently, most of the time, it is related to a discourse about fear of insecurity.
Creating an impression of insecurity is a way to promote distrust and division between the citizens.
Therefore, I have the intention to re-position the citizen at the centre, to consider people as active participants and not as passive spectators. I think that a way to achieve this goal is to provide tools for a free expression of speech and opinions – to create the visual equivalent to the speakers’ corners.
I am going to research tools that will allow the people to express themselves with texts in public space, without breaking laws. These tools will be shared via an Internet website or other means. Participants will have opportunities to post their own creations and suggestions, and this will be the possible beginning of a larger movement.
TutorsLysianne Léchot Hirt