Name, first nameAndy MassaccesiYear of birth1985UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectIS GETTIN' OVERAbstract"Photography is a project, but there's always something that happens in reality that makes something be discared"

1960: La Dolce Vita of Fellini, with the character of the photographer "Paparazzi," starring Walter Benasso, invent what was to become the stereotype of the photographer and of the photograph of the scoop.
Often described with a negative connotation, the life of paparazzi was voted to looking for pills of intimacy in the privacy of celebrities. Sometimes, using real spying techniques.
Today, with the commercialization of "photography by smartphones," with the social networks and reality shows are often the stars themselves in toppling the medal. They sell their privacy to raise a little a bit the tv share and to fill their wallet.
My personal project will be concentrated in research and study of the characteristics of an image "paparazzata". But in the end, I will try to move its content more than an easy tabloid or gossip , but a real sociological research that will have as its subject the common people, and the show more interesting ... the disarming normalcy.
TutorsClaus Gunti, Joel VacheronFileDownload file