Name, first nameMILDRED DANDELOTYear of birth1986UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectWhich urban scenography in public spaces today for Geneva?AbstractUrban scenography is the art of staging of space in public places. It enables to make sense of life in a city by developing tangible reality of a place, by creating atmospheres and scenery in order to shape its own universe.
It enables to transform daily life and ordinary by metamorphosing perception and sensed experienced of the urban landscape. Sociologically, it also generates meetings spaces and interactions spaces.
As a designer Spaces & Communication, I am interested in the role of scenography in public space and I would also like to understand its issues in order to find new uses and to create new atmospheres better adapted at the Geneva public scene.
TutorsLechot-Hirt Lysianne