Name, first nameLene BekkYear of birth1978UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectStrike a poseAbstractToday everyone can share their private moments with the entire world via blogs and social communities. A good case study of this is a scene of bloggers in Norway called ”pink bloggers”. They are a group of predominantly teenage girls who blog about make up, hair extensions, clothes, tanning and their life in general. Their images are often self-portraits, carefully staged in the best possible way to show off the blogger´s looks and attributes. This way of posing has become universal in the sense that it can be seen in all kinds of blogs beyond style and identity. The pictures generate a lot of attention and most of this attention is from other girls, who are frequently very critical.

My goal is to make an interactive installation that explores how we interpret and judge different style identities through a series of self-portraits inspired by the poses from blog images. Ultimately I want the piece to challenge stereotypical thinking and the assumptions of what is the correct way to be a female/feminine/feminist.
TutorsMax Rheiner, Karmen FraninovicFileDownload file
Strike a pose