Name, first nameBarbara HoffmannYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectThe Banana AtlasAbstractThe banana is worlds most important exported fresh fruit commodity and among the most widely consumed fruits. The banana trade was an early example of globalisation and today it represents
a wide variety of economic, environmental, political and social problems.
And Bananas are such an everday object – perfect to explain a complex subject like global trade.
The thematic atlas is the ideal medium to show global networks, connections, and developments.
It has the potential to create overview and present complicated facts in an understandable way.
It uses various visual elements to achieve this: cartography, pictograms, infographics, patterns, images, etc.
This masterproject aims to investigate the advantages of data visualisation in atlasses.

In a first part it analyses the medium atlas in general and the specific graphic appearance. The findings of this theoretical analysis form the basis for the conception of a visual language for the “Banana Atlas”. The “Banana Atlas” aims to give an overview and insight into banana trade to create a general understanding of the global trade mechanisms of today.
TutorsKurt Eckert, Alex Hanimann, Matthias Michel, Sarah Owens, Sereina Rothenberger