Name, first nameSchürch David (1984), Erdin Thomas (1981)Year of birth----UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectPaléoskop - Tracking DinosaursAbstractIn the last ten years scientists have found thousands of dinosaur tracks in the canton Jura. After their scientific analysis and documentation the tracks will disappear under new constructed buildings and streets. That's the starting point of our master project.

Normally facts and fiction mixes up in paleontological visualization, so it’s very hard for a beholder to differ the reality of given contents. Based on the reality of the fossilized traces, we aim to sensitize people to the knowledge of the fascinating world of dinosaurs.
A critical attitude towards the blending of knowledge and nescience, and the commercial media should be encouraged and at best provide a new, more independent view of the science.

The concept of knowledge transfer is breaking new ground in the form of a change in perspective and the use of the latest digital media such as augmented reality: on the site, the visitor becomes a researcher, i.e. by using digital media one can experience an exploratory approach to the subject.

The project takes place in cooperation with Paléojura.
TutorsNiklaus Heeb, Fabienne Boldt, Dr. Daniel Marty, Simon Tschachtli, Prof. Kent Stevens
Paléoskop - Tracking DinosaursPaléoskop - Tracking DinosaursPaléoskop - Tracking Dinosaurs