Name, first nameKessler, MartinaYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectRedefining Age – New Concepts of Age for a new SocietyAbstractIn the past, age was determining the biography; nowadays it is the other way around. Since the 50ies the megatrend of individualization has been penetrating all areas of life in Western societies. Recently, it has also seized the concept of age. The result is the critical and emotional debate about chronological age in society. Medical and demographic trends will increase the discussion about this physical unit and lead to a further distortion of its perception. This has also implications for marketing, since age as a sociodemographic variable is losing more and more of its relevance regarding the definition of target groups.

The research project Redefining Age is a reaction on this fact. It is closing a research gap; by using specific design methods it investigates about, how individuals are handling chronological age in a changing society and how this is creating new concepts of age.

Cultural Probes and Grounded Theory will give an insight, where, how and which concepts of age and appropriate behavior are negotiated. The results will be condensed to central factors underlying individual age concepts and build the basis for the design of a new type of measuring instrument for age. This tool illustrates a multi-layered concept of age far away from the usual linear and quantitative perception of chronological age. Therefore it will open a psychographic and qualitative perspective.

The research results’ relevance can be assigned to three levels:
1. they show a change in society and have the capability to tie in with a current discourse,
2. they give marketing leaders differentiated insights into target groups,
3. they open new, design relevant perspectives to the discipline of design.
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