Name, first nameDaniel MenichiniYear of birth1986UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectThe End of the Digital AgeAbstractDigital is everywhere. Its power and efficiency help us and never cease to amaze us on a daily basis. However it also has its dark side. Chips track us, algorithms predict our every move, digital spies betray us, nanosecond decisions from trading programs ruin us. Cybercriminals watch us. Positioning systems guide us but also follow us without our knowledge. Today, our society is facing a great challenge that will shape our digital future. The question isn't whether we accept this new digital society with its lack of privacy and lack of security but rather how can we control it instead of it controlling us ?

The project will raise several questions: how will the world become all-digital, what will cause its end and what will happen when it ends ? The aim is to make the viewer conscious of the consequences of the transfer of the world’s information and history onto digital devices and question his use of technology. This project is clearly a utopian / dystopian work based on a developed and somewhat plausible scenario. The thesis part of the project will answer the first two questions. The practical part, two books, will focus on the timeline of our digital future and the consequences of the end of the digital age on the author.
TutorsKurt Eckert, Matthias Michel, Alex Hanimann, Sereina Rothenberger