Name, first nameIsabel SeiffertYear of birth1986UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectNew society / New agendaAbstractWith the upcoming of the digital age and thus the radical change with regards to meaning, availability, and usage of information and knowledge, it seems to become more obvious hat the current global society needs to redefine its private, public, interpersonal and governmental values. The discussion concerning this situation is far beyond any technical debate, but is mainly a social and political matter. Therefore the issues of copy right, censorship, data security and privacy need to be addressed outside the circle of traditional politics and net activists.

There is no difference between the online and offline world. The digital and the analog have merged into one reality. Thus if we loose freedom and democracy online, we also loose it offline. Especially the so called digital natives need get involved and work on an agenda, instead of just reacting to political developments. Through a multimedia design project, I want to engage myself in this debate and raise awareness amongst my generation to influence and shape the digital society of the future.
TutorsKurt Eckert, Matthias Michel, Alex Hanimann, Sereina Rothenberger