Name, first nameSchmidt, LeaYear of birth1982UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectFrom Web To BookAbstractThrough the copy of clay tablets, letterpress, and Xerox the reproduction technique of both pictures and text were constantly simplified. By using digital data we have now arrived at the maximum of reproduction efficiency. The means of reproduction are integrated in the medium and thus the principle of reuse is now inherent in the digital data format.

The lately established digital appearance of digital data format questions the previous paper-based and centuries-old tradition in terms of dealing with picture and text.

What does the appearance of ,digital’ mean for the editorial design, which works with picture and text as basic elements of any layout?

Regardless the current debate about copyright and economic aspects the potential of the reuse of pictures and text from the Internet is being discussed.
TutorsKurt Eckert, Matthias Michel, Alex Hanimann, Sereina Rothenberger