Name, first nameOeschger SarahYear of birth1979UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectTrendreport: Urban Country NostalgiaAbstractTrends tend to generate unexpected dynamics, some even with global impact, particularly if several movements come together and when different human needs and desires are addressed. A recent example of a trend with worldwide attention is "Urban Gardening" which has also hit Switzerland accompanied by some remarkably high media coverage.

This Master Thesis explores and analyses the socio-cultural background of the "Urban Gardening" movement and sets this in relation to other mega- and their countertrends and particularly emphasizes on the influence of the anti-poles "town vs. countryside". The core finding of this research is the identification of a high-level (mega-)trend that might be called "the urban desire for genuine country life style”.

This concept shall be transferred to the domain of tourism being itself one of the most desire-driven industries. By applying experience and/or service design methods, some innovative concepts were developed for the future of city tourism.
TutorsBitten Stetter_Francis Müller_Andrea Roca