Name, first nameJasmin BaumannYear of birth1983UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectCherry Illustrations: Between tradition and modernityAbstractPrincipal subject of the work is the development of botanical habitus panels showing different varieties of cherry’s in a traditional way.
The basic question of research is:“How can traditional botanical illustrations be produced in a short time, without loss of quality concerning the visual language and knowledge transfer?“.

Manufacture in conventional techniques such as watercolour is associated with high cost. Nonetheless the aesthetics of traditional botanic illustrations fascinate even in this day and age. It is characterized by different parameters such as a distinct naturalism, high precision and a scientific objectivity.
Intent is to produce the habitus panels in high quality and efficiency. This shall be achieved through a flexible use of analog and digital media and an optimal workflow.

By experimenting with various techniques, the most suitable methods for the production of the panels will be evaluated. With the help of a value system, which is based on a collection of traditional botanical habitus panels, every parameter can be checked.

The Master's thesis is a collaboration with DNS Transport. The Illustrations will be published in a Book with the working title:“Kirschenkultur Region Zug-Rigi”.
TutorsAnita Dettwiler / Fabienne BoldtFileDownload file
Cherry Illustrations: Between tradition and modernityCherry Illustrations: Between tradition and modernity