Name, first nameSebastian ImbachYear of birth1987UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectExperiencing in First PersonAbstractExperiencing in First Person: The Potential of the First Person Perspective in Computer Games

Are there unutilised chances of the first person perspective in games?
The change of perspective can communicate information about the state of an avatar and it's perception of the 'world'. It allows the player to have a very close insight into an otherwise distant situation. Do the standards of the game industry really embrace this potential?

The master-thesis gathers specific examples in games and reflects biological references, while focusing on possible design elements useful to game design. Relevant examples from other creative media, such as painting, film and photography, are investigated on applications of first person perspective with the intent to create a pool of design blueprints.

The newly formed library will serve as an inspiration in game development processes, to realise the possibilities of the first person perspective. In addition, an in-game platform visualises technical as well as simple graphical interventions to experiment in an interactive environment and let the player connect with different perspectives.
TutorsMela Kocher, René Bauer
Experiencing in First PersonExperiencing in First PersonExperiencing in First Person