Name, first nameHenriette-Friederike HermYear of birth1984UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectI'M SO IMMIGRATE- Styleculture of young turkish postmigrantsAbstractIn sociology adolescent person with a migration background is a frequently treated field. The focus of these researches are mainly based on the complexity of identities between belonging and distinction as well as the difficulties of integration into the new society. Up to now, it was hardly even noticed and appreciated that there is an awareness of culturally creative potential on postmigrants.

On the one hand, the donator of the identity for adolescent migrants in the second generation is the country of origin of their parents. On the other hand, the social contacts in the country where they live. In these different social environments they evolve hybrid identities. The surface for projection of these identities is Fashion. The thesis investigates how they deal with this hybrid identity within fashion: what details they have developed explicitly from this group, what dress codes they take or re-occupy and what codes of status are relevant to them. Another aspect of this investigation is the typical habit of the postmigrants, such as greeting rituals or certain poses.

The factors fashion, dress codes, codes of status and habits get more relevant by the fact that they shift between the group of postmigrants and the native youth.

Through targeted observation of a group of postmigrants in their social environment the attributes and their fusion by adolescents on both sides become visible.
This study is restricted to an exclusively visual level, in which knowledge is gained through photo and video documentation. The theoretical elaboration is the basis for the development and styling of a - I `M SO IMMIGRATE – Fanshop.
TutorsBitten Stetter, Francis Müller
I'M SO IMMIGRATE- Styleculture of young turkish postmigrants