Name, first namelauraYear of birth1985UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectUrban Dreams. Occupation Tactics for public free spaces.AbstractCities are in an constant flux. Especially nowadays a growing number of self-funded efforts of different types of occupation of public spaces such as interventions and space hackings organised by the citizens itself can be sensed. Those micro occupations create a certain atmosphere and shape the city in a personal way. Partizipation and placemaking are two buzzwords which gain more and more importance in our modern society. The intent of the thesis is to investigate the tactics and strategies behind those interventions and to show how people can get easily active. Furthermore the term of occupation and how it is understood today – a term applied to built environment through interventions – will be investigated and defined.

The research is divided into three parts. The first part will built an umbrella over the different types of occupation projects that aims to devide it into differrent groups. Setting and sourrounding will be analysed. The aim of this part is to shape the focus of the projects which will be used for the thesis. The strategy of finding those projects is the derivée developed by the situationistische Internationale. Tool to be used for this analysis is photography and interviews with private activists, urban researchers and artistic groups. The second part is called engagement. I will take part in urban interventions, space hackings and participation projects to gain experience and a closer look in the movement. The aim of the third step is to summarize the results of the first two steps and to generate an toolkit for future interventions and to get people to see the potential of public space and how anyone can easily get active to create new atmospheres in public space.
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