Name, first nameUntch, WernerYear of birth1984UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectThe semiotics of sportiness in Industrial DesignAbstractThis Master thesis is about developing a method which enables Industrial Designers to integrate semiotics systematically into their design-process. Semiotics is an interesting topic because signs in design are often the key factor for access to the target group. Differentiating ones
products by technology or price is very difficult today, so differentiating through signs
and thus emotions is often the last possibility to elevate oneself from the competition.

The method is developed by and explained with the example of „sportiness“, because sport and sportiness have become a permanent part of our western culture over the last 30 years and have established themselves in our material lifestyle. That‘s why sportiness is a relevant topic for Industrial Designers, when it comes to semiotics.

It‘s the goal of the project to generate a semiotics-based design method for industrial Designers with the example of sportiness; respectively creating a method for Design Strategists to implement semiotics into their strategies. The result will be a book that among other things will consist of semiotic „guiding questions“ and their explanation.

The findings will result from theoretical study of the topic and interviews with experts as well as from research being done by using the method together with experts which will result in refining and developing the method. In addition to that it will be evaluated, if a „Powerline-Theory“ that was transferred from the Futurism Movement in art, can be refined in such a way so it can be a tool to control and guide the creative processes.
TutorsHerbert Pauser, Cyril Kennel, Benjamin HohlFileDownload file
The semiotics of sportiness in Industrial Design