Name, first namePhillips, NoëlleYear of birth1990UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectA Winter Ski Apparel CollectionAbstractResearch Question:
“How can I make a skiwear collection innovative beyond style, sustainability, and technology?”

My project aims to make a complete prototype collection of skiwear that encompases the themes of technology, sustainability, and style; filling the needs of a chosen skier profile with custom detailing, stylish aesthetics, and redesigned functions of basic ski apparel. By establishing a target market the collection answers the skier’s outfitting needs, tailored to the specific geographic and cultural region in which they are from. The designs are inspired by current and future forecasted skiwear, fashion, color trends, and classic Swiss design aesthetics. This unique mixture of vintage and current styles rethinks basic functions of details such as pockets, zippers, and much more. Through the examination of ski fashion and history, a review of literature and statistics, surveys, a study of market trends, cultural probes, and interviews the collection establishes a new genre of skiwear unlike anything currently available. This project strives to be sustainable through its use of materials, quality, as well as production environment.

The project will culminate in a professionally finished collection of prototype skiwear that can be tested and a company through which it will be established. By creating a viable company to support the products, the collection will have the ability to be manufactured and sold to the consumer market.
TutorsIsabell Gatzen | Birgit Füllgraff | Thomas Walde | Michael Krohn | Francis Müller