Name, first nameAnna KaminskyYear of birth1983UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectDie Ausstellung der ModefotografieAbstractFashion photography surrounds us for round about a century now. There is a certain story to tell which happens in exhibitions from time to time. There also are some photographers we pay attention to as they have develloped a portfolio worthfully to present during the decades.

Fashion Photography is playing with society moving phenomenons to show fashion in a specific context and mood. So why only focussing on specific photographers or showing fashion photography in its history when it comes to exhibiting it, instead of focussing on specific themes that appear in the pictures?

For my master project i want to develop an exhibition that responds to that question. During the research part several things must be found out: What place would be interesting to exhibit fashion photography? What topics appearing in fashion photography could be interesting for an exhibition? How should that exhibition be created?
TutorsBitten Stetter, Francis Müller, Martina Eberle