Name, first nameSchneider RoxaneYear of birth1987UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectArab-muslim tradition in the westAbstractThe purpose of my research is to analyze and understand the
Arab-muslim‘s culture and tradition in a contemporary context.
This work is structured in two distinct parts.
In the first part, I’ll introduce my subject in relation with the Arab-Muslim tradition as it’s lived daily and how it’s expressed in Art.
What’s the photography’s status in this civilization’s tradition, its evolution?
What are their body’s representations, especially about nudity in a religion that prohibits any Human visual’s representation. And what about woman’s status in this particular context?
Modernity and tradition: how they express themselves in contemporary art?

In the second part, I will to analyze the Western world’s influence in the Arab-Muslim tradition.
This approach will be presented as a photography reportage and mise en scène.
How to visually represent the impact of Western culture in everyday life of the Eastern world?
How cultures can get influenced while maintaining their own specificity?
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Arab-muslim tradition in the westArab-muslim tradition in the westArab-muslim tradition in the west