Name, first nameWendy GazeYear of birth1989UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectExhibit the techniqueAbstractHow to perceive "technical exhibitionism" at the time of technological camouflage and automation?

During the recent years we are witnessing a gradual delegation of initiatives and actions, an extreme simplification of the use of gesture, when the user becomes an observer, watching the machine to function in his place.
At the same time, some of "master designers" display their modus operandi – operational mode - in the preconception stage of their objects. The spectacle created by their objects and their display flaunts and fascinates through the hypnotic mechanics of the theatricalisation of the machine.The manufacturing process starts to move away from the factory to invade a new field of design that lifts the veil of its technical processes, and leads to question the depending relationship that we have with technology, both technophile and technophobe, as well the load of this heritage in a mercantile society.
What are the choices made by the designers to reveal or hide the inherent design process in their artistic practice? Does the design "in the making" is legitimate?
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