Name, first nameDuperrexYear of birth1990UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectsocial web and curatorial issues in the musical fieldAbstractThe digitization process allows low cost provisioning of a big amount of cultural productions all over the world. The rareness of those goods has been abolished as they can be copied infinitely.
Physical stocks have been dematerialized, storage is not a problem anymore, and this opens new pespectives of cultural sharing. People needs to gain in autonomy in order to build their own path towards culture.
A lot of plateforms are born to help people facing all the problems that came along with this phenomenon. Amateur's productions benefit directly from those new possibilities for creativity : a lot of tools yore reserved to professionals are now accessible for a low price, and it's easier than never to reach some niches of people that would appreciate those goods.
Through social networks and plateforms of all kinds, internet users now participate passively or actively to a new kind of curating work. The musical industry looks like being the perfect playground for studying the new issues of the curation by the users on the web.
TutorsNicolas Nova