Name, first nameLCrYear of birth1984UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectReinterpretation of the Golem Myth in current roboticsAbstractThe master thesis focuses in the context of research laboratories anthropomorphic robotics, which aims to commercialize domestic robots of tomorrow.

The thesis begins with a description of these prestigious research laboratories to quickly realize that the relationship with his robot robotics an ambivalent relationship. He feels a form of attachment, empathy almost natural for her.
Yet the one hand, he knows that the robot is only the fruit of mechanical and computer engineering, on the other hand, he behave as is it was alive.
The researcher then develops a relationship to the machine twice, both rational and irrational.
This duality, complexity and conflict that seem paradoxical for researchers - who also did not linger there almost over - can be explained by the ancestral myth of the Golem.
I invoke the Golem myth to allow us to understand this phenomenon, this trend and to enlighten us on the position and the role of robotics in relation to his creature.
Paradigm of robotics is based on golem myth. It should not be part from the past but as a founder who continue to update itself through evolution of robotics until today. In fact, there is no dichotomy between myth and science, robotics and Golem, irrational and rational. But there is a transversality between the myth of the Golem and the discipline of robotics.
TutorsAlexandra Midal, Gordan SavicicFileDownload file