Name, first nameJérémie LasnierYear of birth1989UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectGame mechanics in our everyday lifeAbstractDigital and tangible are increasingly intertwined. Ubimedia (ambient computing, communicating objects) consists of gathering data on any surface, structure, body, or tool. Information about activities of human beings have become the heart of technological creations. Moreover, it is the self-quantification - meaning the capture of the body and its parameters - that opened and provided the impetus for a new generation of ubiquitous objects.

Starting from this fact, I wanted to establish a link in video games beetween the actual and virtual body of the player, where the character may know a change, an improvement of its capacity in order to live an experience. Just like real life, it’s on mechanics that these games are based. What are they really? Could they be integrated with connected objects of our daily life? What could be their contribution? Can it be as effective after undergoing this displacement?
The experience should not be the focal point but a consequence related to the relevance of a functional object.
TutorsNicolas Nova, Douglas Edric Stanley