Name, first nameMaisaYear of birth1984UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectProjects of the future: a scenario of today?AbstractThrough history many projects were conceived having the future as a starting point. These projects envision an imminent future, but the process of conceiving gives us a suggestion of the period of time in which they were designed.
We often think of the future by projecting an idea of today. We envision a changing, using the tools, the technology and the symbols we have available now. And this context reflects our fears, desires and aspirations nowadays, more than serving as a prediction of how we are going to behave in some years from now.
Projects with new approaches of the future influence the creation of new technology, or new technology influences projects that envisions new ways of living? How these sort of projects impel the society to go either towards or against these predictions?
Conceiving a project for the future can be a way to understand our contemporary society today and its new directions?
TutorsNicolas Nova