Name, first nameKatharina TauerYear of birth1986UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectTypekitAbstract1969 there was held a congress in Dreseden, were all the east block countrys met to discuss and decide on a common «Typeplan».

The goal was to provide like a set of typefaces or a typekit of 25 fonts, which should be used then in all socialistic countrys. They thought that 25 good and adaptable typefamilies are enough for all kind of requirements or needs, like literature or newspaper.

I want to write about the congress, it’s goal to restrain typeface production and the specific categories/needs they defined.

In the second part of my research, i’d like to transport this idea to the present. Are there compareable typesets like that – maybe the system fonts that comes with every computer? And if there had to be this limitation of typefaces today, that covers all these type needs, how would it be set together? And which categories would make sense?
TutorsRoland Früh