Name, first nameliyuYear of birth1984UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectSynthetic breathAbstractFast developing technology give the negative effect like indiscriminate and alarming levels of air pollution to the human world, but there is no psychological evolution of the society and physiological evolution on human body that could face it, but human still relay too much on the technology for enhance they capacities in different domaine.

Breathing as the most basic and spiritual phenomena of the our body’s complex system, when facing the question of surviving inside the super polluted air and extreme environment as space exploration which will happened in the future, this indispensable life function will facing to lost and threaten to human’s health and life.
The goal of this research is by prevent the future risk and dangerous situation which could happened in human’s existence, with discovering different possibilities of problems solving, and put forward of an air generative respiration system design that could have autarkical fresh air supply for survival and extend our ability in extreme environment.
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Synthetic breathSynthetic breathSynthetic breath