Name, first nameJustyna BrylYear of birth1987UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectarchitecture in new media scenographyAbstractThe main question of my thesis is how to present content of architecture in exhibition. Is not possible to put some pieces of architecture; always have to use some models in scale, photos, 3d images to show what architecture is. It doesn't show the real architecture aspect and it gives different experience of architecture. How to show architecture without architecture? - now new media is a new medium to present architectural works. I would like to research balance between new media in scenography of architecture-when it helps and how it influences on people's response and understanding the real content.TutorsAnnelore SchneiderFileDownload file
architecture in new media scenographyarchitecture in new media scenographyarchitecture in new media scenography