Name, first nameMouyal MichaelYear of birth1989UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectFormes de pouvoirs du livre et glissementsAbstractThe power of the books is incarnated through different elements, each of which affects the reading, but also the form of the book itself. The typeface Fraktur is a black letter not dissimilar to the Textura Gutenberg used nearly 500 years ago in Germany. Fraktur had been used as an emblematic typeface for the country. Especially, in the thirties by the Nazi for their propaganda and for editing Hitler’s book mein kampf. But in nineteen forty one, when they realised that the development of the printing houses were related to the jews, they decided to avoid the use of Fraktur. But the book were already there. The typeface which was sublimatively empowering the content of the book became an infiltered poison. In its significative meaning the form created a very powerfull contradiction. How typefaces makes a text more visible than readable? Which visibility are we talking about and from whom point of view? Considering the tensions between Fraktur and the apparition of the New typography at the end of the twenties in Germany, my research envisions two questions: can typography be neutral or is it a matter of interpretation? How typography, beyond a matter of taste, can incarnate a fragment of history?TutorsCatherine Guiral