Name, first nameAstrid DornYear of birth1984UniversityFHNWField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectVerbum und VocabulumAbstractThis work deals intensively with the issue of the german language. The designers view is focused on linguistics and language as a cultural asset. The work shows different aspects of the subject, especially the origin, development and criticism of language. It attempts to use language, design and communication in an experimental way.
So words are the essential elements. They are designed and exhibitet in a way, that they not disclose their information that easily. They not shall teach pure facts, but values, understanding and inspiration. The result is a collection, a hodgepodge, a cabinet of wunder of artifacts, like individual components which together approximate to the big issue of language.
TutorsHeinz Wagner, Viola Diehl, Ralf Nebauer
Verbum und VocabulumVerbum und VocabulumVerbum und Vocabulum