Name, first nameIsabellYear of birth1988UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectBananenmusAbstractThe world population is increasing every day so it needs more and more to feed the world. We have to find an alternative to produce our aliments because the world is becoming too small. The solution seems close: A nutritional drink allows to spare your money and time previously spent for shopping, cooking and cleaning, it is healthy and environmentally friendly. How will it be to live in a fictions future, where a nutritional drink or puree serves everything our body needs? When supermarket and kitchen are gone, how and where appears culture? Using the example of banana puree I will find new ways to imagine our future lives with regard to foot intake and eating devices. The method is research through design - different experiments and try-outs with liquids and their specific characteristics with regard to cultural phenomenons in our present days. The outcome will be a critical statement about the way we might live in the far future.TutorsBitten Stetter, Francis Müller