Name, first nameBretscher SimonYear of birth1983UniversityHKBField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectWhere do all these things come from?AbstractSimon Bretscher

It all started with a look into the fridge and the question: Where do all these things come from? As modern city persons we consume food every day without us being aware of their origin or mode of production. Without realizing it, we carry responsibility for poor animal breeding, agriculture polluting and energy- consuming transportation. My first part of the project is called " AUTARK" and explores the question: What would it mean, to produce ones own food and energy needs. It shows processes and risks in agriculture in a specially created picture language. The work serves as a prestage to the question: " How many people are able to be fed from the soil of Switzerland ? "
Conditions of a consistent sustainable food and energy production within the country's borders are shown in various scenarios. Central will be the question of the means by which the knowledge reaches consumers.
TutorsJonas Vögeli, Dr. Peter Glassen, Arne Scheuermann