Name, first nameSarah BühlerYear of birth1987UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectPixels competing for attentionAbstractThe rapid change and progress of digital media has a steady influence on the communication and advertising industry. Even though traditional media such as posters and newspaper ads are still important advertising vehicles, for producers the digital moving image is paid more and more attention beside familiar TV-spots. Nowadays, logos and banners are animated or interactive. In public spaces, on screens in the stations or in the private area like on tablets or smartphones, consumers are exposed to ever new media solutions.
With strong focus on audio-visual media I want to look into the trends and the additional benefits of moving communication by comparsion to static images. Through field studies I will research the user friendliness and impact of different media types and later on, in the personal design process, the gained insights will be further deepened.
TutorsRobert Müller