Name, first nameDesiree van der SluijsYear of birth1984UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectMOVING BRANDSAbstractBranding is moving increasingly towards the field of “Experience Design”.
Moving images, interaction and the experience which comes with it, become to form the brand itself.

Within the field of social media, moving images have gained the upper hand. There’s a large number of apps and platforms on the market, which provide a user-friendly possibility to publish the users’ creations.
At the same time a lot of companies realize that integrating the costumer into decisions and appearance concerning the brand, allows them to gain a better understanding of the costumer himself and can so efficiently respond to his needs.
The tendency shows an expansion into an interaction with the brand, which can individualize the experience.

Bringing together these factors, I will examine the development of usage of the amateur made moving images in connection with branding so far and I will try to forecast the trend and the expand of its usage.
TutorsRobert Müller