Name, first nameSofia BrazzolaYear of birth1991UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectCONTENT/CONTEXTAbstractWhich strategies and innovative ways of visual communication fit best the abstract content of contemporary art?

How can the artist be integrated into the design process?
Could art and advertising be merged?

Cultural events would deserve a central spotlight in cities’ street communication, but they often don’t have enough budgets to do so. Comparing the two contexts of Zurich and Milan, an analysis on the current cultural communication scenario is being led. Through field observation, picture analysis and interviews with stakeholders (institutions, curators, artists and design professionals), the project intends to draw the lines of an experimental visual system for the communication of contemporary art. The graphic designer might, in fact, interpret this abstract content throughout the process. Goal of this project is to give the artist his “voice” back and to explore future opportunities that could bring new meaning to printed material, within a limited budget.
TutorsJonas Vögeli, Peter Vetter, Alex Hanimann, Sarah OwensFileDownload file