Name, first nameDennisYear of birth1986UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldEvent DesignTitle of projectThe Young, the Wise, the UndiscoveredAbstractIn the face of the most perilous challenges of our time – global warming, terrorism, overpopulation, poverty and financial crisis – our society seems to be paralyzed. These problems have reached a dimension, in which we are not able to lead a reasonable,
solution-oriented discussion anymore in order to solve common problems. What is to be done? While we are trying to design a future for humankind, we forget to include the most important part of our society, the ones that will once have to live in the world we create. To work on our future, we need the unique qualities kids worldwide share: a playful mind, participation, indifference to borders and religion, creativity, innovation, and cooperation. But how is it possible to work with kids on topics, which are out of their ordinary experience realm? And how do we transform kids visions into object oriented solutions?The goal of this Thesis is to build a stage which enables kids to make their visions and solutions audible for the adulthood and dares to implement the method design thinking in order to collaborate and work with kids in primary school on unconventional futuristic scenarios.
TutorsBitten Stetter, Andrea Roca
The Young, the Wise, the Undiscovered