Name, first nameGaia CodoniYear of birth1989UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectPaleorama – dive in the TriassicAbstractUsually, in the paleontological museum is possible to visualize incredible finds and fossils, combined with illustrations or 3D reconstructions.
However those extinct animals seems so incredible to the human conception, that is difficult to believe they really existed and to accept that there is a connection between fossilized remains and the reconstruction created by the scientific illustrator.
How is then possible to highlight this connection and make the extinct animals believable?
The aim of the master thesis is to answer this fundamental question and create an animation with the 3D projection mapping technique to be projected straight on a rock covered on fossils.
This Animation will bring back to life the extinct animals, try to wake up emotions in the observer, spread scientific information in an interesting and original way without neglecting the scientific accuracy.
Finally, the projection will be permanently displayed at the Fossils Museum of the Monte San Giorgio in Meride.
TutorsMentors Design: Niklaus Heeb, Fabienne Boldt, Thomas Erdin; Mentors Science: Heinz Furrer, Alessia Vandelli, Beat Scheffold.FileDownload file