Name, first nameWillemsen, SachaYear of birth1972UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldFuture / TrendsTitle of projectWORLD OF LIVING 2020AbstractThe way of living in the future including furnishing your own home will be affected by several factors. The objective of my Master Thesis is to identify which themes and trends are influencing the development of design-oriented furniture retail in the German part of Switzerland until 2020.

The results will be put together in a trend report, which lists future potentials of content and concepts in this area. All my findings and results will be presented in form of different stories, each based on one main thesis.

My research question: How are living and interior design developing and changing in 2020 and how it will affect the design-oriented furniture market? Therefore I do research in the following fields: Megatrends (incl. value change in the society), furniture market and respective consumers.

I will do quality interviews with experts from different origin and professions. „The world of living 2020“ is based on a quality data collection and it emphasise that a contemporary setting (regarding products and services and the use of digital channels) is a must have to play a successful role in the changed market environment in the future.
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