Name, first namecaroline sauterYear of birth1986UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldCommunication Design / Visual CommunicationTitle of projectφ – Golden DesignAbstractWhat has Notre Dame and the sunflower in common? 1,618... a number which is omnipresent and also known as the "Goldene ratio", "Phi" or "Divina Proprtione", what means divine proportion. It is an endless division ratio, what you can find in many different areas. This enormous spectrum will be shown in an exhibition concept.
The people should experience this as an adventure. I treat the aspects geometry, nature, human anatomy and Design. The focus and question of this work will be, did the golden ratio influence the design and is it possible to show the central theme in the third dimension. The part design is splitter in art, architecture and design. My claim is to show the connection between the areas and to make it visible with diverse instruments, what includes ambitious infografics and installations.
TutorsCybu Richli, Peter VetterFileDownload file