Name, first nameFlurinJenalYear of birth1989UniversityZHDKField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectGame Design with 3D-paintingAbstractFor my master‘s thesis I‘m developing a game that focuses on a new graphical style. To push the medium of videogames in it‘s entertainment value I use a new 3D software that is still in development by Disney. It allows to create models that look like they were painted. Until today there are several approaches of 3D-paintings but due to technical restrictions there are no thorough solutions to get the visuals with brush strokes yet.

My research about development of game graphics revealed a big need of expressive and handmade worlds. There are 2D games which do this claims but in 3D games we can only find stiff polygons and foolish shaders. The first 3D game that really shows free brushstrokes, painting structure, expressionistic or impressionistic objects like on a canvas and still has an all around camera view will cause a marvellous illusion.

My game design underlines the visual differences to normal 3D games and the prototype gives an optimal showcase game for Disney‘s innovative technology.
TutorsRené Bauer, Ulrich GötzFileDownload file