Name, first nameCécile GuichardYear of birth1990UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldDesign Research and ReflectionTitle of projectWeimar " light eclipse "AbstractGermany between the two World Wars is a shadow theater: those who pursue, those who precede, those who hide and those who draw…
Berlin is illuminated under creative lighting. Outlined between a well-known, luminous face of modernity, drawn by the light of new objectivity and a more finely shaded side: " Babylon on Spree " of the historian Mel Gordon. This city of pleasures, disguised, made up and cross-dressed, in which the shade hides what it reveals, provides light in its cabarets. These effervescent and agitated nights, revealed just beneath this surge of modernity, will be codified, regulated, then enter without regard, into a more threatening shadow of a murderous era.

How did World War I wrap Berlin in an erotic shadow, and in what light will the city be drawn?
TutorsCatherine Guiral