Name, first nameLICUIYEYear of birth1986UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldSpatial DesignTitle of projectArchitecture faibleAbstractContemporary architecture still holds the characteristics of the architecture of 20th century , stressing the power , ideology and strong symbolism . She is not able to adapt today a fluid society that is based on the flow of electronic, informations and services. This modernity is no longer representing the urban condition is temporary , reversible and immaterial , but rather weak architecture.

This is another form of the architecture critic of modernity. The concept of weakness does not imply a negative value of inefficiency or inability , which indicates a rather change the logic in concept modern.

Andrea Branzi , which is always emphasizes the "weakness" of the architectural project and imagined a model of non -figurative architecture. Compared to the limit of modernity, the closed form and the function definitive, non- figurative architecture is under system incomplete and imperfect elastic . It will tend to exceed the limits of the building to become a system reversible , penetrable and open to environmental components ;in addition an architecture with less composition, but more enzyme to be able to adapt to unforeseen and temporary needs.
TutorsPierron Nathalie