Name, first nameRovescalli AndreaYear of birth1983UniversityHEADField of Interest / research fieldInteraction / Game / Media DesignTitle of projectDomestication of Kinetic ArtAbstractSince the '60s, Industrial Design is interested in Lumino Kinetic Art for the production of devices in domestic life.

The most interesting example is the collaboration between the company Philips and the artist Nicolas Schöffer, that produces in 1968 the "Lumino".
This hypnotic device has an inner mechanism of discs, a kind of kaleidoscope of different colors, which is supposed to reproduce a lamp or an intangible television.

Schöffer saw in the large-scale production the natural development of the principles of the Bauhaus, Constructivism and especially Cybernetics of which the Hungarian-French artist has been a pioneer.

The relationship / interaction that occurs between the machine and the human being requires the use of the key elements of Kinetic Art (light, space and time) as mediums to get in contact with the human psyche and to change it.

The "Lumino" could be considered as an extension of Abstract Art, Experimental Cinema and Shamanic Art of the Paleolithic Era.
TutorsDaniel Pinkas
Domestication of Kinetic Art