Name, first nameSchlögelYear of birth1985UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldProduct / Object DesignTitle of projectRoad kill on two wheelsAbstractRiding a bicycle is going through a renaissance during the last years. Has it been mainly used for sport or recreational purposes in the last decades, financial, environmental and health issues are causing people to reconsider the bicycle as a means of transportation for our contemporary urban environment. Commuting by bike to work, school or for leisure has become a mayor part of the city traffic.
As the bike is infiltrating a territory which has been occupied by the car for the last decades, safety problems and adjustment difficulties are a clear consequence.
This research will examine current and future concepts, from city to micro scaled solutions, aiming to increase the safety of cyclists. How will this change of means of transportation have an effect on the urban landscape? And furthermore, imagining a future where the bicycle has gained an equal position on our streets and in our society as the car, this research will present a forecast of new necessities and challenges for product designers to make our daily traffic safe(r).
TutorsAnniina Koivu, Brynjar Sigurdarson, Eleonora Castellarin
Road kill on two wheels