Name, first nameSandra CarreraYear of birth1986UniversityECALField of Interest / research fieldArt Direction in Typography / in Photography Title of projectTypeface Design in SpainAbstractI started my research with a questioning, why did I never heard about spanish typography in my studies of Graphic Design and Type Design? Has a Spanish punchcutter existed? Were the craftmen of that country interested in creating typefaces? Was Cervantes able to print his Don Quixote in Spain? Marta Revuelta, my graphic designer friend and I have often wondered about it. The fact that I am Spanish, that I understand and speak the language of that country, gave me the tools to look into the matter. Everything I learned so far about the topic of my research led me to ask more questions. Why the history of Spanish typography is not well known yet? Is it because of the language? Is this due to the fact that major advances in typeface design in Spain take place only on the half of a century? Does the designs of this era are not quite original or interesting in the eyes of experts? Few formal analyses were conducted on Spanish specimens. The subject has previously attracted interest from few people like D. B. Updike. So far I tried to restrict my field of research, which involves accumulating, selecting and analysing textual and visual information in order to define a relevant inquiry with respect to my practice of designing typefaces taking a rather historical approach as a starting point.TutorsRoland Früh
Typeface Design in Spain