Name, first nameshirineYear of birth1990UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of projectTo conquer meaningful visuals and storiesAbstractAs an illustrator and animator I believe giving meaning to my subjects, characters, and stories is extremely important. The way I create and show my work is always depending on the meaning I want to give off to the public who sees and observes it.
I want to create a children’s book for the age group of 4‐9 where children can learn how the farm industry in most countries function and that producing meat can be a painful process for the animals. I would like a child to see the images and have it be read to them out loud. The visuals and text should inspire children to create a better future.
I will be working with colored pencils and paints, and will finalize my work on Photoshop. The youth is the future for mankind and if I can be part of changing the future to a little bit of a positive one, I would be conquering the quest I intended to do.