Name, first nameJane MumfordYear of birth1988UniversityHSLUField of Interest / research fieldAnimation / FilmTitle of project"Hands On!" - a web series for handpuppet-(g)loversAbstractComedy isn't all fun and games: it can also help us grapple with some of the more difficult questions and uncertainties in life. Notedly, today we find more satyrical television shows, podcasts, YouTube comedy channels and webseries (produced exclusively for online viewing) than ever before. My practical work entails the development of a webseries comedy show concept, and then producing a concluded episode of approx. 5 minutes.

The main character is the leather glove "Green". Green is a psychologist with her own practice. She helps solve the problems of Humans, Animals and various objects-come-to-life. Mostly, though, she's concerned with problems of her own. She lives within the world of humans in a mini-apartment together with the neurotic and overworked medical student "Blue" (a blue latex glove) and the happy-go-lucky "Red" (a wooly red mitten). A trio predestined for chaos.

Handpuppets and marionettes, 2D animation, stop motion and live action film will hopefully all be combined into this satirical Webseries.
TutorsJochen Ehmann, Ted SiegerFileDownload file
"Hands On!" - a web series for handpuppet-(g)lovers